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This blog will focus on the legal issues related to hospitality establishments operating in New York City. Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, clubs, wine and liquor wholesalers, just to mention some.

As a partner of the New York based law firm Ortoli Rosenstadt LLP (, a large a portion of my practice (the remaining time is spent on business immigration and general corporate work) consists in assisting Companies (Domestic and Foreign) engaged in the food and beverage industry throughout the United States. Food importers, distributors, wholesalers, restaurateurs, hotels operators are regular clients at SOVR.

This includes the due diligence for the selection of the corporate vehicle to be used in connection with the business venture, (an issue that must be carefully considered when the investor is a foreign based entity), negotiation and execution of the so-called store-front commercial leases to secure the premises that shall be used as restaurants/bars/hotels, application for Liquor License with the New York Liquor Authority, assistance in connection with the so-called Tied House Laws.

This blog’s purpose is to serve as a guide for the Hospitality Entrepreneur who is frequently faced with very technical problems; first and foremost the careful selection of the right location for his hospitality operations.

Frequently the investor is not aware of existing building violations, restrictions, allowed uses of the premises (commercial use DOES NOT mean restaurant use), compliance with the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws (ABC LAW) etc., all aspects which can greatly impact the investor financial investment plan and can cause serious delays in the opening of the restaurant/hotel, etc.  

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